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What were the dreams that this could become?  Don't forget the vivid color and these scenes.  You found your instrument and it found you!   The focus, practice, goal setting, etc, the “work” can come later.  Priority is enjoying the time you spend with your instrument.  Of course, the more time you spend practicing with intent, the better you get at it and the rewards come. 


A two-year study by researchers at the Brain and Creativity Institute (BCI) at the University of Southern California shows that exposure to music and music instruction accelerates the brain development of young children in the areas responsible for language development, sound, reading skill and speech perception.

The Importance of Music Education
(This is an excellent article by Debra S. Minyard, 2015 New Mexico State Teacher of the Year)

     When I first started teaching in 1998, I believed fervently that music education was as vital to each student's development as math, reading, science, English and history were, and I stand by that even more today. The constant drumbeat of "high-stakes testing..

Then we take students out of the classroom and we test them. And we test them again. And we test them yet again. We focus on aligning our lessons to the standards and to the test.

THE Reason to Shop for Wooden Instruments Locally
It turns out no. Not all of them anyway. Or that's what Keith claimed. In Shine a Light, he said that he doesn't get all these cats who have whole trucks full of guitars. He only has a few guitars and doesn't get a new one very often. He prefers, he said, getting his older ones repaired. There's a reason he likes these guitars. Probably lots of reasons, and the reasons are his own. The reasons are because he likes them. These are his guitars. He knows how they feel, and he likes how they feel.
4 Fun and Meaningful Family Musical Activities for the Holidays

Music is one of the biggest reasons why the holiday season is so special; in many ways, music is a part of the glue that holds the holidays together.

1) Volunteer to sing in the community, 2) Put on your Own Holiday Concert, 3) Gift a personal music track as a gift, 4) Write your own holiday songs

Humidity, Temperature and Storage for Guitars (or any wood instrument)
Wood is easily affected by temperature and humidity changes, therefore taking care of the surroundings of your guitar is very important in order to keep the instrument in a proper way. Gradual changes won’t generally do permanent damage but sudden ones do. For this reason it is important to avoid them and assure that the guitar acclimate to its environment.

5 Reasons Your Child (And You!) Will Love West Colfax Music Academy!

 It is a known and widely studied fact that music education in children leads to measurable benefits, including increased literacy and therefore improved academic results. 

West Colfax Academy is all about your student! Your child can choose from a long list of instruments to learn to play, or study voice and singing. 

How Do I Tune My Ukulele?

How To Properly Tune Your Ukulele

The open strings of the ukulele are as follows:

• G: the 4th string (most to the left on the fretboard)
• C: the 3rd string
• E: the 2nd string
• A: the 1st string

This is when you are have your ukulele in standard tuning, this is what you need to play most of the songs.

Can You Tune A Ukulele With A Guitar Tuner

First of all, you need to check if your Guitar Tuner is Chromatic, meaning it has all the notes, or does it have capacity for Ukulele?  The problem is that the Ukulele has a "C" string and the guitar doesn't.   Many tuners are setup for just guitar and only have the guitar strings.

Then there are some that hear the sounds easier:  there are Pedal Tuner, Clip On Tuners, and Audio Tuners.

Woodwinds - What Are They?

Woodwind instruments are a family of musical instruments within the more general category of wind instruments. Common examples include flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, and bassoon. There are two main types of woodwind instruments: flutes and reed instruments (otherwise called reed pipes).  Bagpipes are also a woodwind instrument.

Need An Instrument - Not Much Time to Handle the Details?

-I don’t have time to research instruments or find out what’s best.  I need this taken care of for me but I want to trust that my child is getting a good quality instrument and the things we need to give the best start to this endeavor...

Rent-to-Own with Golden Music has these time saving features:

1.   The best quality instrument - we take time to find the best instruments to offer.  For band instruments, we only carry Yamaha and Buffet.  For strings, we hand select our workshops and it always ends up being family teams that are trained in the art of building violins, violas, cellos and basses.

Quality Musical Instruments and What They Can Give You!

-A quality instrument costs more but it saves money in the long run and it will make you practice more because the sound and feel of holding it is more pleasurable.

If you’re buying an instrument for a child, you can pick a cheap one but if you want a better sound and more of a chance for the child to want to practice everyday, you want something better. 

 Sound "quality" or "timbre" describes those characteristics of sound which allow the ear to distinguish sounds which have the same pitch and loudness.   While a cheap instruments is making the same "note" as the quality instruments, the timbre can be screechy, harsh, not pleasing. 

Everlasting Gift of a Music Education - Is It Really Too Expensive?

Invest Your Coffee Money Into Music for Your Kid...


  ...The intangible gain of your child learning to play an instrument comparable to the cost of buying one cup of coffee a week is a no brainer in favor of MUSIC!    Think about how much you spend on a cup of coffee out once a week, $6?  That is enough to give your family a lifetime of music and sound.

 Golden Music offers a rent-to-own program where you are able to rent-to-own (or just rent) a high-quality instrument for about just $30 a month for most instruments.  You will eventually own the instrument but are never required to keep it. 

Violin Around the World - A New Documentary Coming out Soon...

...Besides the human voice, there is no musical instrument as flexible and adaptable as the violin. Countries as far afield as Egypt and the USA, Sweden and India, Turkey and Ireland use the violin (or fiddle, or keman, or geige, etc…) in their traditional music as if it were a native instrument. Classical traditions from Europe, the Middle-East, North Africa, Central Asia, and India have adopted it as well.

Using the violin lesson as a point of departure, we'll visit historic sites, dance groups, musicologists, and experts in folklore and history.  A short segment on the history of each country or region and its people will also be interwoven into the story line. 

Music Education and Brain Development

Music Education and Brain Development

Over the past two decades, music training has been associated with better than average language and mathematical skills and higher IQ, while differences between musicians and nonmusicians have been found in brain areas related to hearing and movement, among others. What is the mechanism behind such differences? One important goal of our program is to understand the effects of music training on brain development, investigated in terms of psychological (emotional, cognitive, social) and actual neural functions.

Why Music Is Important... From the Kids

These are Great Quotes!  They are all from 7th and 8th graders at Madison Middle School and other nearby schools in Appleton, Wisconsin.  The kids say things so clearly - seem better than the quotes from famous people.

“Music lifts up your soul and releases it.” – K. D.

“Music is what moves everyone, and without it, life would be pointless.” – D. D.

“Music is important because it can describe people, places, movies, or animals that words can’t.  Without music, the world would have a hard time understanding other things.” – B. P.

“Music is important because it helps you express yourself in ways that you can’t with normal talking.”– S. L.

“Music is important to me because it gives me something to look forward to everyday.” – K. K.

How Do I Find the Right Instrument For My Child

Pick an instrument your child loves!

One of the most important things to consider for your child, is simply, “What do they want to play?” Being personally invested in their music instrument choice is crucial to any young learner wanting to stick with it. We see many children show an early affinity to specific instruments, but after exposure to the other instruments in the group, often develop a passion for a different instrument.  Having a passion and love for an instrument makes the process of learning so full of ease and enjoyment because the practicing factor is just plain fun.  We encourage students to keep trying instruments until they find the one they love the most!  In our rent-to-own program, all of your rental credit moves to the other instruments.*

That being said, there are some recommended minimum starting ages:

Should I Rent-to-Own (or Just Rent!) or Buy an Instrument for My Child Starting Band or Orchestra This Fall?


Should I rent or buy?

Renting an instrument is flexible.  Our program has repair and maintenance coverage to keep the instrument in perfect playing condition.  We offer the ability to exchange the instrument at no cost, as well as special discounts on purchasing if you have decided you have the right instrument.  Also, you have the option to return it if the student should ever decide they want to follow another passion.  We have loaner instruments available to students with the maintenance agreement if the instrument needs repairs or maintenance.  You can apply all your equity to purchase, allowing you to eventually own an instrument if you wish.  Know that our rental fleet is maintained to the highest standards by our in house technician.

Now Is Your Opportunity To Give Your Child Music - It Lasts A Lifetime!


-I want to give my child, a unique opportunity to study a musical instrument.  It is a gift that they will have their entire life.   RENT NOW

Get a Quality Instrument from Golden Music –


This is your opportunity to help your child learn to play music.  Right now is the easiest time in a person's life to learn this skill and art.  Your school has the instruction set-up with a good teacher and classes that are easily fit into your schedule, Golden Music has a thoughtful and affordable rent-to-own or (just rent!) program to make it affordable.  There's support for your child to practice (their friends are practicing!).    RENT NOW

We Love Helping New to Music Families Get Their First Instrument!

A little note from our owner Mary:

As we were helping what felt like the ten thousandth child try an instrument that we help the teachers in schools with their recruiting process with hundreds of hours of staffing, it occurred to me this fall.
Parents are able to give their children a gift through Golden Music's rent-to-own program, through the time and exposure in finding the instrument they are passionate about. It is a lifetime gift of music!

It takes several important steps to finding the RIGHT instrument. 
1) Have the ability to trade to other instruments 
2) It is important to have a high quality & well maintained instrument!
3) Make practice time a habit & have patience! 

There Are Four Essentials to Learning A Musical Instrument


  2. Practice at home, 15 minutes a day for a beginner
  3. Have a good teacher
  4. Have a high quality instrument, tuned and ready to play

Numbers 1, 3 and 4 are taken care of by the parents, teachers and administrators.  We all see the benefits of music - the brain development, community connections, enjoyment, etc.  The best instruments you can afford will help your child succeed and make the practice more enjoyable.  A good instrument can make learning easier.

Children Who Take Music Lessons Have Higher IQs

from Business Insider

Some researchers believe that learning to play an instrument directly causes increases in general intelligence. Others acknowledge that music training can cause small increases in IQ, and that there is indeed a relationship between music lessons and substantial differences in intelligence. But they also say significant differences in IQ are impossible to attribute solely to learning and experience, and they're more likely to be attributed to genetics.

Regardless, research shows a strong correlation between increased general intelligence and music lessons, and the longer the duration of musical training, the better the student's intellectual functioning.

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