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THE Reason to Shop for Wooden Instruments Locally
It turns out no. Not all of them anyway. Or that's what Keith claimed. In Shine a Light, he said that he doesn't get all these cats who have whole trucks full of guitars. He only has a few guitars and doesn't get a new one very often. He prefers, he said, getting his older ones repaired. There's a reason he likes these guitars. Probably lots of reasons, and the reasons are his own. The reasons are because he likes them. These are his guitars. He knows how they feel, and he likes how they feel.
Humidity, Temperature and Storage for Guitars (or any wood instrument)
Wood is easily affected by temperature and humidity changes, therefore taking care of the surroundings of your guitar is very important in order to keep the instrument in a proper way. Gradual changes won’t generally do permanent damage but sudden ones do. For this reason it is important to avoid them and assure that the guitar acclimate to its environment.

Golden Music Announces the Raimundo Guitar Series

In 1968, Manuel Raimundo started his own Spanish guitar workshop.  His instruments became known throughout Spain and by 1974 began offering his guitars internationally.  By 1980, Raimundo had grown to 20 craftsmen and was producing 8,000 instruments a year sold throughout Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria. 

Zen Masters, Famous Guitarists, and You

And now breathe in this thought as if for the first time . . . I am great . . . Just let that thought swim around in your head. I am a master. I am great. ~Kenny Werner

All you have to do to become a master guitar player is to kill yourself practicing, right? Wrong, at least according to a sizeable pantheon of Zen masters and guitar virtuosos.

Zen and the Art of Classical Guitar
n a world that isn’t going to slow down, do something special for yourself and learn how to play classical guitar. Here is a perspective on this beautiful instrument.
Zen and the guitar
The classical guitar is an instrument that takes years to master. And this mastery never truly ends because it is something that will slowly grow over the full course of your lifetime.