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Performance Instruments


Step-up instruments are typically crafted from more responsive materials, allowing students to play with ease and increased control throughout the instrument's entire range. Flutes and brass instruments will typically have higher silver content. Clarinets will be made of unique wood instead of plastic.

Increase your commitment to music and YOUR program!   A full selection of band instrument and string instruments are available.   

Let's work together to take your students to the next level in his or her musical journey. We offer a complete line of band and orchestra instruments from quality manufacturers.

It is an exciting time when your student is ready to take the next step in their musical journey. Our long standing reputation in providing quality band and orchestra instruments is rooted in our love for music education and the desire for students to succeed. There is a huge selection of options when picking your step-up band or orchestra instrument and that might leave you feeling confused. Our team takes pride in providing personal and individual attention to each student who is ready to take that next step!

You might be asking….
When is the right time to get a step-up instrument?
Where do we start?
How do we pick from so many options?

Working with our area school band and orchestra teachers, it our goal to help you navigate the process of selecting the right step-up instrument for your student. When picking a step-up band or orchestra instrument we take time to get to know more about your students playing experience and their goals. Based on this information we can help you narrow your options. We then encourage each student to spend time playing on the various instrument models they are considering. Due to our physiological make up an instrument that plays well for one person will play and respond differently for another. We want your student to achieve his or her advancing goals and skills.

Our step-up instruments have popular features your student is looking for such as open holes on a flute, wood body on a clarinet, silver plating on a trumpet, and an F-attachment on a trombone. If you need monthly payments, we have several different financing options that are available to all of our customers.

Step-Up Instruments

  • Student model band and orchestra instruments are designed to be robust to withstand the learning curve of a beginner musician. 
  • After your student has learned the basics in band or orchestra they will begin to play more challenging music that requires more flexibility in sound or tone quality and range of notes played. 
  • As your student progresses in their music education journey their student model instrument might begin to limit their progress. In order to continue having fun and aid in the ease of their growth as a musician, most teachers recommend moving to a step-up or professional model instrument. 
Where do we start?
Selecting a step-up instrument Is not always as simple as walking into a store, making a selection and walking out. We encourage our customers to spend a little time trying out and testing the various models they have to choose from. As mentioned earlier, due to our physiological make up an instrument that plays well for one person will play and respond differently for another.

We encourage you to bring your student model instrument with you when looking at step-up models. Spend a few minutes learning the technical differences and price points that are available. Once you have narrowed your options we encourage you to go into one of our studios and play the instruments, compare the sound differences between your  student model and the models you are considering stepping up to, have a parent or teacher join you if possible so they can provide feedback. Then, once you have narrowed your choices even further you have the option of checking one out on approval. You can take it home, spend a couple days playing it, and get your school director's feedback. When you are ready to make a final selection you can then decide if you want to purchase it outright or set up a payment plan.

As you progress musically and your abilities improve, so should your instrument.

The musical experience starts with a beginning-level student instrument and expands to an intermediate or professional instrument with improved response, smoother actions and richer sound. That’s where our Step-Up instruments come into play.


Heid Music is here to help you make the most of your entire musical journey, offering high quality Step-Up Instruments (also called Intermediate Instruments) from our premier brands.


Step-Up Instruments are designed with the features an advancing player needs. These instruments are an ideal choice for progressing musicians in need of an instrument that can meet their developing needs through high school and college, as well as for hobbyists.


Immediate Benefits of Stepping Up

Improved Response & Playability 

Refined engineering & craftsmanship combine with the musician's developing technique for a more enjoyable playing experience. The action is smoother and the response more sensitive.

Improved Tone 

An intermediate instrument is crafted with the notion that the basics of playing have already been established so the focus of the instrument can be less about learning technique and more about the science of sound, which creates better tone.

Improved Craftsmanship & Materials 

Our Performance instruments are constructed with the highest quality materials by masters of the industry meaning that your instrument will play better and last longer.


You can see and hear the difference!

Each of our journeys as musicians are different , so spend the time finding the instrument that makes it easiest for you to play.  


Spend time getting to know the instruments you are considering purchasing. Play different pieces on them and experiment with different styles of playing.

Stepping up to an intermediate or professional instrument is an exciting moment for a player. By giving your students an opportunity for the time and space to explore the options that are out there! 







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