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Everlasting Gift of a Music Education - Is It Really Too Expensive?

Invest Your Coffee Money Into Music for Your Kid...

    ...The intangible gain of your child learning to play an instrument comparable to the cost of buying one cup of coffee a week is a no brainer in favor of MUSIC!    Think about how much you spend on a cup of coffee out once a week, $6?  That is enough to give your family a lifetime of music and sound.


Golden Music offers a rent-to-own program where you are able to rent-to-own (or just rent) a high-quality instrument for about just $30 a month for most instruments.  You will eventually own the instrument but are never required to keep it. 

The Everlasting Gift of Music - because the music your child learns is a voice of beauty and sound that they can speak through from the first day of class (well not so beautiful to us - but to their own precious hearts - they are speaking) and who's to say?  This is their beautiful child's voice speaking through this instrument of sound.    Many, many schools are providing excellent music education for your child at the school.  Now is the time to focus on giving your child this opportunity.  

Extensive research studies have proven that children display long-term positive results from learning to play a musical instrument.  Here's to mention a few:

   -their confidence levels rise

   -their reasoning skills strengthen

   -helps increase comprehension and math skills, coordination

   -provides better capacity for memory abilities.

So what are you waiting for?!    Get on board with giving the gift of music that will be a permanent gain to your child's future and happiness through our rent-to-own offers. 




Now Is Your Opportunity To Give Your Child Music - It Lasts A Lifetime!


-I want to give my child, a unique opportunity to study a musical instrument.  It is a gift that they will have their entire life. 

Give the Gift to Your Child of a Quality Instrument from Golden Music –



This is your opportunity to help your child learn to play music.  Right now is the easiest time in a person's life to learn this skill and art.  Your school has the instruction set-up with a good teacher and classes that are easily fit into your schedule, Golden Music has a thoughtful and affordable rent-to-own or (just rent!) program to make it affordable.  There's support for your child to practice (their friends are practicing!) 

This gift you are giving them to set this up will be part of your child's and your life for many years to come.   Make a thoughtful choice - a quality instrument is very important.  A rent-to-own program that grows with you and has flexible features is important.

Parents involved in Golden Music's programs have told me: 

    "I wanted to give them this music education now as it will be something they will have their entire life, sort of like swimming lessons...  a child learns and then can play an instrument throughout their life..."

My own mother told me: 

     " No own can ever take your education away from you.  Investing in education is the best spent time and money there is..."    Mary Brainerd, Owner, Golden Music