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Repair & Restoration

Repair. We think of it often. For our refrigerators and computers, for our smartphones, watches and cars. Repair means, literally, to fix or mend. And while instruments also need fixing and mending from time to time, we know it is so much more than that. We are in the business of restoring and preserving.

Your instrument is one of a kind. Just like you. It has a voice, and sometimes it gets sick, weathered, even wounded. At Golden Music, we help get beautiful instruments back to doing what they were crafted to do: make great music. For any and every quality, from violin to guitar to cello, we keep instruments healthy.

Our people make the difference. In addition to our impeccable in-house luthiers, our team is blessed with a handful of visiting European masters in residence from Cremona, Stuttgard, and Budapest. We are honored to rub elbows with these fine violin makers, and welcome them into our Golden Music family.

"My organization presented Golden Music with a challenging situation, and they made a miracle happen in 48 hours. Everyone we dealt with, from the owner to the delivery driver, was fantastic. Great quality instruments, over-the-top service. Thank you, Golden Music!"

Linda S. Vincent, Executive Director, Ruby's Clarinet


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