Our Story

Golden Music is a family–owned music company born and raised in the mountainous landscapes of Colorado. We dedicate our efforts to bringing affordable instruments into homes and schools, teaching lessons to families and students, and building a rich music culture within our large and vibrant community. We also curate a hand picked collection of some of the most distinct and beautiful stringed instruments on the planet.

We hold firmly to a few core values: We honor and support the tradition of learning music, and believe everyone should have the opportunity to play an instrument. We value collaboration. When we support each other we are more inspired, more talented, kinder, wiser and better. We believe in fighting the good fight. We are advocates for our community of music-makers and music-lovers, devote our resources to improve music education, and foster the spirit of cooperation and fairness in public schooling. We celebrate our relationships. Music is vital to a healthy mind, body and heart. It leads us to a more fulfilled and joyous life, and brings our families, friends and communities closer together.

We could continue to praise the power of music, but we would first want to be sure you were in a comfortable chair. Besides, we get more enjoyment from listening. Stevie Wonder once wrote, “Music is a world within itself, and a language we all understand.” We think he was right. And whenever a newcomer picks up an instrument for the first time to participate in this wonderful art, we are delighted. It is music to our ears.

Golden Music is made of real people. People from your neighborhood. People you see at the supermarket.

Golden Music is an integral part of the western suburbs community. Having such an incredible music store/studio so close is vital to our children's musical development! We purchased our daughter's violin from Golden Music and have had only positive interactions from the rental, through the updating in size, etc. Every staff member has been knowledgeable and very helpful. I grew up in a small town and my father was the band instructor, football and baseball coach, and teacher at my K-12 school. My parents allowed me to have piano lessons from 3rd - 10th grade and I also played the French Horn (under my dad's instruction) from 5th - 12th grade. That upbringing developed an appreciation of the arts and also the understanding that music is a true gift that we can and must instill in our children. Thank you Golden Music for continuing in the tradition of music instruction and appreciation!

Mary Jo 2/2/14