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    • May 21, 2022 Dr. Miguel Cardona: “We Are Underestimating the Power of Music and the Arts”
      Dr. Miguel Cardona: “We Are Underestimating the Power of Music and the Arts”

      With just a few months on the job, the U.S. Secretary of Education is already putting music and the arts at the forefront of his vision for American schools.

    • May 14, 2022 Dowina Guitars
      Dowina Guitars

      Named for the ancient castle of Dowina    Golden Music is the exclusive US dealer 

    • May 07, 2022 Create Creativity for Your Kid!
      Create Creativity for Your Kid!

      During these trying times, creativity is a spark and can fuel hours of at -home entertainment.  As many of us are forced onto screens for formerly fun, in-person times, to canceled social and even now family events, the lives of our children have transformed in a dramatic way.  We propose that music lessons can spur on health and a spark that will ignite your child's creativity.  T

    • May 02, 2022 What is a Chord?
      What is a Chord?
      Merrium Webter's definition of a Chord is three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously. Let's talk about this some more. Here are a few chords: Only two notes is considered an interval. The relationship between the notes is often described as consonance: smooth, pleasant, agreeable, or dissonance: rough...
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