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        Please Wear Your Mask!

        Sterilization Procedures Are In Place


        Try a rent-to-own now - delivered to your doorstep!

        MASKS are required for coming in the store for all customers.  For walk-in, we will have a doorbell at the door for you to ring and we will let you in.  Appointments have priority over walk-in.  Please call or email for an appointment. 

        The store's open hours are Monday thru Friday 8-6, Saturday and Sunday 10-6

        Our Music School, West Colfax Academy, will be doing only online lessons atleast through September.

        We also have our normal free delivery of rent-to-own instruments (repair, loaners and returns) and any purchase over $100!   WE WILL DELIVER AN INSTRUMENT TO YOU IN YOUR HOME*!!! 


        We Believe Music Is A Right - Everyone Should Have An Opportunity To Play An Instrument

        One Customer Sums it Up:

        FIVE Star Rating The best darn music store in the state. Fabulous customer service. Laura Hays 5/21/2020

        Another Happy Customer Wrote...

        Love love love this store, what a wonderful feast for the eyes, such a vast variety of instruments arranged artistically into beautiful displays throughout the whole place! The people are so nice and knowledgeable, it is always a joy to spend time looking around the store and learning from the experts, and there is something for everyone from children to adults, from beginners on a budget to discerning collectors. Go check it out, you will be glad you did!.... August 2019 Lara ....I don’t write many reviews, but wanted to give a shout out to Brandon at Golden Music. I’ve had a couple interactions with Brandon and he’s extremely approachable. Beginning to play an instrument can be an intimidating affair on its own, let alone asking basic questions to someone who is an expert. Luckily Brandon is genuine, patient, and listens well. Thanks for the great experience, I’ll be back again soon! JC 12/2/2019