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Golden Music Announces the Raimundo Guitar Series

Golden Music Announces the Raimundo Guitar Series

In 1968, Manuel Raimundo started his own Spanish guitar workshop.  His instruments became known throughout Spain and by 1974 began offering his guitars internationally.  By 1980, Raimundo had grown to 20 craftsmen and was producing 8,000 instruments a year sold throughout Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria.  His guitars came to the USA and Latin America in 1984.  His guitars have received many reward.  In 1998, Victor's son, Manuel joined the company and runs the day to day operations.


As of today, Raimundo Guitars has a staff of 29 craftsmen, many of whom have worked with Manuel for over 30 years. More than 12,000 instruments a year, of which 85% are exported all over the world, are produced and a US subsidiary has been established to distribute their guitars directly to the American market from a local facility.

         "We are very proud to say that all our guitars are and will continue to be

         made by hand, using traditional methods and following the traditional

         Spanish system inherited from a tradition that is lost in time and we

         are proud to continue to preserve.

         We like to think we’ve never done two identical instruments; each

         guitar is different from the previous one. This is our main feature:

         WE ARE ARTISANS."


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