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Put A Little Music In Your Heart
What is it about music that touches our soul, evokes emotions from happiness to sadness, gets us toe-tapping and exhilarated? These rewards especially come when you play an instrument and create the music yourself.
1. Helps in increasing concentration
2. Generates a sense of achievement
3. Strengthens respiratory system....
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Music Lessons are Not Really About Music...

Music lessons provide invaluable skills that can help a student’s personal, social, and academic development. A student of music can foster and develop an appreciation for being creative, confident, and persistent in their efforts to improve upon a new ambition.

Humankind has always been interested in music, even when instruments were rare and rudimentary. Music is an essential part of life that unfailingly brings us joy and elevates our spirit. In a cultural and societal sense, music is ingrained in our everyday lives.


The Importance of Recitals

Giving an adult or child music student the opportunity to perform on stage every six months is extremely beneficial to the learning process.

These performances can play a big role in their self-confidence later in life when they will need to make presentations in front of a real audience.  It is a chance to take a moment and realize that your student is improving and learning in their lessons.   It can be a fun family event also.  At Golden Music, we take a pause out of our busy lives to enjoy the community and music!

Signs Your Child Is Ready For Lessons

A child often conveys readiness for music lessons with physical expression. This is often starts with banging on pots and pans, tapping on couches, pretending a briefcase is a piano or that a notebook is a keyboard. 

The next sign that your child is ready for lessons is usually through verbal expression. The child may tell you outright that they want to start playing an instrument or taking voice lessons. Once the physical and verbal interest is there, it’s up to you as a parent to get the ball rolling. 

Scottish Fiddling Comes to Golden Music in Lakewood on Sunday 3/22/15

This Sunday we welcome Although she is the Juice O' the Barley's fiddler extraordinaire, Kelly also performs music in other genres--and quite well. Website SepiaChord.com described her as the "secret weapon" in the band Tarantella. In addition to Irish and Celtic folk music, Kelly is an accomplished performer on the...

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Gregory Walker Guest Conductor works with our Chamber Orchestra

Since his 2009 Philadelphia Orchestra debut, praised by the American Record Guide as a performance of “precision and rapturous immediacy,” Gregory Walker has gained international recognition for his "beautifully calibrated phrasing," “ravishingly beautiful” tone, and the “sheer virtuoso force”of his delivery. While developing unique collaborations with the Poland's SinfoniaVarsovia, Filharmonia...

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A Musical Fix for American Schools

Research shows that music training boosts IQ, focus and persistenceInstruction in music literally expanded students’ brains. ENLARGEInstruction in music literally expanded students’ brains. DENVER POST/GETTY IMAGESBy JOANNE LIPMANOct. 10, 2014 11:24 a.m. ET75 COMMENTSAmerican education is in perpetual crisis. Our students are falling ever farther behind their peers in the...

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7 Year Old Sanford Girls Plays Violin to Stop Violence

SANFORD, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35 ORLANDO) - At the young age of 7 years old, Leah Flynn is a disciplined violinist. "I like practice because it makes me get better and better and better each day," said Flynn.   The Sanford 2nd grader has performed as a soloist at numerous...

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Announcing our new Guitar Teacher - AMAZING!!! Open House 11/17 6-6:30

Pete Pigeon - Guitar Songwriting Didgeridoo Pete recently moved here from the East coast where he taught private lessons for 19 years.  He has developed a customized approach to help each student achieve their potential.  Pete excels at developing an accessible personable report and adapts his curriculum to suit each...

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Should Your Beginning School Band Student Take Private Lessons?

The quick answer is YES! Private instruction is when a student is able to work one-on-one with a professional musician, the private teacher is able to work more in depth with the student on their instrument. Students will get help with developing a more professional tone on the instrument,...

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Three Reasons Why Every Adult Should Take Music Lessons

  Seem frivolous?  Intimidating? The benefits outweigh the expense and awkwardness. I't's been proven that: 1. Music lessons lower stress and make you smarter. Studies have shown that music education can increase IQ in both children and adults; it’s also a great stress reliever. Life can be hectic...

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Gregory Walker - An Inspiration to Musicians

Five questions for Gregory Walker From a family of scholars and musicians, he grew to become an ‘interpretive artist in the classroom from CU Four generations of Gregory Walker’s family have been scholars and musicians. So perhaps it was destiny – but probably more so an abundance...

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Arvada Center Picks the Colorado Chamber Orchestra to be the Orchestra in Residence - First Concert This Weekend
Many of you know the thoughtful and fascinating programming at the Arvada Center.  After careful deliberation, they've picked the Colorado Chamber Orchestra to be their orchestra in residence!   Their first concert there is this Saturday and Sunday.  
Golden Music Chamber Orchestra First Week... A Resounding Success!!!

  Our first meeting...  anticipating...  not sure which room, which door...  It all came together in a great way!  We have a YouTube video that sounds pretty good for a first rehearsal and lots of smiles.  We have an orchestra room set-up now on the second floor of the...

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Why Teaching Music Matters - The Harmony Project Los Angeles

NPR's Cory Turner writes: I went to Los Angeles to report a story on brain science. A new study had just been released, exploring how music instruction helps kids process language. The children the researchers studied were all participants in a community music program run by the nonprofit Harmony...

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Helping Your Child Choose the Right Instrument

From PBS Here are some components to consider when helping your child choose the right instrument.The first thing to consider is your child’s age. If your child is younger than six, make sure you understand the purpose behind playing an instrument at such a young age and acknowledge the...

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How to Help Your Child Choose a Musical Instrument to Study

From WikiHow The ability to play a musical instrument is a wonderful thing, and you can never start too early. Children are curious and imaginative by nature, and many will be able to pick up music very quickly, and develop a love for it. The ability to play an...

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From CNN: Picking The Right Instrument For Your Child... Tuba or Flute?

Tuba or flute? Picking the right instrument for your child Music educators use body type and personality to determine best instrument for a childExperts look at how outgoing a child is, lip size, height to make best matchBest advice for parents is to first let the child decide what he or...

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From PBS: Helping Your Child Choose an Instrument

Helping Your Child Choose the Right Instrument By Dr. Robert A. Cutietta Finding the right instrument for your child is a difficult but important factor in your child’s continued musical success. Forcing a child to play an instrument rarely leads to the love of music making we want. Here are...

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What Instrument Should My Child Play?

Quiz: Which Instrument is Right for My Child?Find out what instrument might be perfect for your child. Simply choose the answer that best describes your child and then view your results to find out which instrument is the best match. Give it a try!Question 1: What kind of music does...

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