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The Szasz Friderich Line at Golden Music

Featured Violin - the Szasz Friderich line exclusive to Golden Music; we have been visiting Romania and buying the "fritzy's" since 2007. At an affordable price for a single maker master instrument, the Fritzy's are hand crafted in Reghin, Mures, in the heart of Transalvania, population 33,000.  The industry of...

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Our Luthiers are Getting Ready to Move into the Lakewood Facility

We will all welcome the luthiers from the Golden location that are preparing their work space now at the Lakewood facility.  We are putting the flooring now and beautiful new benches are on their way.  We can't wait to have the wonderful smells of the oil finishes and fresh wood...

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Gregory Walker - An Inspiration to Musicians

Five questions for Gregory Walker From a family of scholars and musicians, he grew to become an ‘interpretive artist in the classroom from CU Four generations of Gregory Walker’s family have been scholars and musicians. So perhaps it was destiny – but probably more so an abundance...

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Origins of the Violin - the Lyra, Fiddle, to the 16th Century

The Lira is the Origin of the ViolinThe history of bowed string musical instruments in Europe goes back to the 9th century with the lira (or lūrā, Greek: λύρα) of the Byzantine Empire, a bowed instrument (held upright). The Persian geographer Ibn Khurradadhbih (d. 911) of the 9th century, was...

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When did the Lyra start to be Bowed - Leading to the Violin?

The question of when and where the bow was invented is of interest because the bow made possible several of the most important instruments in music today. Authorities give different answers to this question, and this article will give only the predominant opinion.Scholars are agreed that stringed instruments as a...

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