Ryan Parmenter - Piano

Ryan is a pianist, singer, songwriter, and composer whose talents have been heard on stages such as the Lakewood cultural center, The Joslyn Art Museum, and many coffee shops and university campuses.

Ryan Parmenter teaches beginner and intermediate Piano and Songwriting. Because of music’s impact on his life, Ryan loves inspiring people to pursue the joy of music. He’s been playing, performing, teaching, writing for and competing in piano for 16+ years. Well versed in classical piano, he also specializes in jazz piano, songwriting/composition, and music theory.

His award winning piano playing can be found on his upcoming EP, “Mind Sound” Ryan has scored music for films and was an assistant to Emmy award winning composer, Charles Denler, during the scoring of an Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp) film.


Julie McCarthy - Violin, Piano and Voice

Julie McCarthy received her Bachelors at the University of Denver in Music Theory and Composition and Masters at Berklee College of Music in Film Scoring. McCarthy’s work ranges from composing for orchestras both local and international to media post-production.