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Better Bowed String Instruments at Golden Music

Better Bowed String Instruments at Golden Music

We have dozens of Performance Grade instruments in our Vault! You can come in any time and check them out. An appointment is good though so we can collect what you are looking for.

The instruments start with the Apprentice line and conclude with the Master line. All instruments can be rented!

If you’ve been playing for several years now, or even since the start of school, you’ve been growing your skills on your instrument. Bow hold? Check! Finger tapes? In the rearview mirror! Posture? You’ve been sharpening your abilities - but has your violin, viola, cello, or bass improved with you? If you’re on a beginner instrument, then chances are, you’ve outgrown it by now. Beginner instruments are made to be your “training wheels” in your musical journey. On the plus side, they are affordable and durable, made to withstand the craziness of the classroom. Now it might actually be holding you back. For example: The wood on beginners isn’t dried very long, and the drying is often done in a kiln. In some cases, laminate or plywood is used. I don’t know about you, but when I think “fine string instrument”, plywood isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. The height of the strings (aka “action” in string-speak) is set up for playing in mostly first position. On certain instruments, such as those bought from an online megastore that shall not be named, the action can be too high to play in any position. This can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome - yikes. The basic steel strings are easy on the wallet, but they can sound harsh and tinny. The carving of the top and back of your instrument can contribute to this overly bright sound. Not great for all that new repertoire you’re learning! The Soul of a String Instrument: Wood String instruments are special - they come from living things. The most important component of your violin, viola, cello, or bass is also the most beautiful and unique - the wood. Spruce on the top plate and maple on the sides and back plate make up what is known as the tonewood of an instrument. All our step-ups are made from European tonewoods. The selection, aging, and carving of the tonewood all help the instrument sing. The Strings, Bow and Case Behold, the other main factors that contribute to your happiness as a performer! We take care to match each instrument with strings, a bow, and a case that live up to the quality of the luthier’s workmanship. Strings Dominant strings complement most of our intermediate step-ups, while our performer-level instruments come with Evah Pirazzi, Kaplan, Larsen, and other sonorous brands. Bow These bows combine the flexibility and agility of pernambuco wood with the strength and durability that will last years. I own three different carbon fiber bows, and I love them! Our performer instruments come with bows made of Brazilwood or pernambuco wood - the latter being the traditional material of a fine bow. If you are currently playing with a beginner fiberglass bow, put on your seatbelt! It will be like going from driving a milk truck to driving a Ferrari. It’s The Little Things Here are a few more features that will make you fall in love with your new step-up. Varnish that is hand-applied in many layers, allowing your instrument to resonate more freely and making it one-of-a-kind. Tuning will be easier with high-quality tailpieces and fine tuners and pegs that are easy to turn. Real ebony fingerboards, pegs, and chin rests (some beginner string instruments “cheat” with wood that’s painted black, to mimic ebony). Some step-ups are fitted with boxwood or rosewood pegs, chinrests, and tailpieces, to beautiful effect. Action that is set up for playing in any position, with easier access to higher notes.

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