Now Introducing - two new courses...

Global Grooves & Steampunk Oriental Express Orchestra

 Starts April 10th, 2018! Enroll today!

For more information call 303-279-1111 or email info@goldenmusic.co

Led by the dynamic ethnomusicologist, Meg York

  • $70 Early Bird Pricing available until Tuesday, March 20th
  • $90 Standard Pricing
  • Family Discounts: First person pays full price, 20% off each additional member.  
  • Enrollment deadline April 24th
  • Six Rehearsals! Last Rehearsal: May 15th 2017
  • Two Performances (for both groups):  Golden Music (5/22) , Mercury Cafe (TBD). 

Choose one group, or participate in both!

Global Grooves Tuesdays, 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM Starting April 10

All percussion welcome --  We’ll explore rhythms from the Balkans, Arabic Classical and Folk, and Mediterranean traditions with the added bonus of Meg York’s soaring melodies and regional travel storytelling each class. Take this class alone or as an extra practice to prepare for Steampunk Oriental Express Orchestra. Ages 8 and up -- this is a very fun class for all ages!  

Steampunk Oriental Express Orchestra Tuesdays, 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM

All instruments and vocalists welcome -- Ever wonder what it would be like to play global grooves that could be from a poignant past or some future science fiction drama?  What would music sound like if it was a mix of Old West, Eastern European, Melodrama, and Klezmer Circus sounds?  Would it drive dancers crazy or be trancey?  Come find out!  Meg York will lead a mixed ensemble how to read lead charts, compose and improvise, and perform for a May 22 concert in costume.   We will be joined by Belly Dancers for the last two rehearsals to sync up our show! Ages 10 and up.

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