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More about violins as an Investment

(continued) You can play your Strad to your heart’s content, or rent it out to violinistJoshua Bell. Just be sure not to drop it. Not much has changed in the field of violin production and dealing since Antonio Stradivari set up shop in Cremona, Italy, during the late 17th century....

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Pete Pidgeon (our very own Guitar Teacher) and Arcoda FREE Concert June 7th

  We are hosting three concerts in conjunction with the Lakewood Inspire week.   http://www.lakewood.org/Community_Resources/Arts_and_Culture/Performances_and_Events/INSPIRE_Arts_Week_Lakewood.aspx   The first is the amazing band Arcoda.  It is our guitar teacher's band, Pete Pidgeon.   www.PetePidgeon.com and our bio is at http://www.reverbnation.com/artist_58890/bio   https://www.facebook.com/petepidgeonAbout Pete and Arcoda Recognized in five categories for the 2011...

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The World’s First Circular Keyboard Puts The Old Straight 88 To Shame

Although the piano wasn’t born this way, Lady Gaga’s lead keyboardist, Brockett Parsons had to have something just as unconventional as the shows he was performing in. With a team of “mad scientists” his vision of a circular keyboard that surrounds him was made a reality. The team consisted of...

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This Is What Successful Musicians Think It Means To Be Famous In 2014

from BuzzFeed So what does it mean, now, for a musician to become ‘famous’? We talked to seven artists about how they measure and experience fame. Turns out social media is a pretty big deal, and that having a big personality is just as important as making great songs. Meghan...

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Music Day at the Capitol - a Resounding Success

April 24, 2013 Music Day at the Capitol, Denver Colorado After interviewing numerous legislator about their interest in music education and finding they all really support it, it seems the problem is a lack of communication. If the kids love music in schools, the parents love music in schools, the...

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