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Why Golden Music?

Why rent from Golden Music?

Golden Music is a friend–owned music company born and raised in the mountainous landscapes of Colorado. We dedicate our efforts to bringing affordable instruments into homes and schools, teaching lessons to families and students, and building a rich music culture within our large and vibrant community. 
We hold firmly to a few core values: We honor and support the tradition of learning music, and believe everyone should have the opportunity to play an instrument. We support each other to be more inspired, more talented, kinder, wiser and better. We are advocates for our community of music-makers and music-lovers, devote our resources to improve music education, and foster the spirit of cooperation and fairness in public schooling. Music is vital to a healthy mind, body and heart. It leads us to a more fulfilled and joyous life, and brings our families, friends and communities closer together.

Golden Music is made of real people. People from your neighborhood. People you see at the supermarket.

"Golden Music is an integral part of the western suburbs community. Having such an incredible music store/studio so close is vital to our children's musical development! We purchased our daughter's violin from Golden Music and have had only positive interactions from the rental, through the updating in size, etc. Every staff member has been knowledgeable and very helpful. I grew up in a small town and my father was the band instructor, football and baseball coach, and teacher at my K-12 school. My parents allowed me to have piano lessons from 3rd - 10th grade and I also played the French Horn (under my dad's instruction) from 5th - 12th grade. That upbringing developed an appreciation of the arts and also the understanding that music is a true gift that we can and must instill in our children. Thank you Golden Music for continuing in the tradition of music instruction and appreciation!"

Marilyn 7/2/20

Our rent-to-own program’s uniqueness is that we care about your journey into music. We know that your child starts a program like music, the expenses are a deep concern, along with loss and breakage. We've developed our program so that you get transparent, fair pricing and the ability to sleep at night knowing your investment is personally handled by our staff should something happen. The instrument is tagged so that it can be returned to you, the school, or us saving you from the cost of loss.
If the instrument damaged, don't worry, because our maintenance covers every repair except vandalism. Dog ate the clarinet? Violin bow used to cut the butter? Ran over the French horn? No problem. Our maintenance covers it all due to normal use, including accidents. In the exceptionally rare case of a true theft or destroyed instrument, we work with you to determine a fair assessment for all.

It's back-to-school time and you might be wondering…

- Where do I go for my child’s first instrument? 
 - I’m looking for a store that has a commitment to my community, what they do and a well thought out rent-to-own program.


Because we’ve been in business for 25 years, we have built our rent-to-own program with the input from our community, families, students, schools and teachers, to make it as easy and successful as possible. We help parents just like you everyday to find the best instrument for their kids. After all, your success is our success! We want nothing more than to continue the love of music in our community, and nourish that love for years to come.

- I’m looking for a store that has a long history working with my school and teacher and shows commitment to my community.
Building community is what Golden Music is about. We support partnership in our fulfilment of your needs, the teachers, school districts, and broader community. We help teachers with their recruiting efforts year round. Golden Music is rooted in your community. We are committed to creating a wonderful musical experience for you and your student!

 -How do I know I’m getting the appropriate instrument that works with what the teacher and school require? 
We know and work with your teacher throughout the year to create the instrument package and supplies they want your child to have to achieve the highest success possible.

-How does Golden Music and our staff build community?
We believe the best way to support the local music community is to participate in that community. We’ve built relationships with nearly every school in the area. So we have their needs and yours at top of mind. We consider all teachers as lifetime partners. From getting their first job, to helping run programs and retirement after that. (even in their later, golden years, the music teachers never quit giving and being involved in teaching children).  
Building community is what Golden Music is about. We support school events throughout the year. We join rallies and efforts for funding for music programs at the local, regional, and national levels. We also donate time and instruments to programs all across the state!
         Recruiting on August 7, 2019 at Dartmouth Elementary
-I'd rather support a program that is locally owned and operated...
We are residents nearby the store and plan Golden Music as a generational company, passing ownership to our employees and children. You are our community and we care. 
A Note from the Owner and Founder: "As we were helping what felt like the ten thousandth child try an instrument, we help the teachers in schools with their recruiting process. Clocking hundreds of hours of staffing, it occurred to me this fall:
  • Parents are able to give their children a gift through Golden Music's rent-to-own program, through the time and exposure in finding the instrument they are passionate about. It is a lifetime gift of music!
  • It takes several important steps to finding the RIGHT instrument. 
1) Have the ability to trade to other instruments when trying out as sometimes the first one picked isn't the one that creates an intrinsic love or passion. (FYI: You can trade instruments through our rental program!)
2) It is important to have a high quality, well maintained instrument that will always be serviced. It is easy and less stressful for the student to receive a loaner instrument while repairs are being done by our shop!
3) Make practice time a habit and have patience! Music is a progressive journey through the squeaks and squawks

Pictured here is Golden Music at Arrowwood Elementary School in Highlands Ranch, CO last year, helping kids tryout instruments. Golden Music helps over 100 schools this time of year, so their programs can be up and running! 

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