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Rent-To-Own Vs Buy

To Rent or to Buy? Advantages to Renting Instruments for Your Music Students 

Buying an instrument outright vs renting one - which is better? While direct purchase has certain advantages, renting an instrument is a great way for students to discover a new instrument without a big financial commitment. Golden Music's rental program offers several distinct advantages over direct purchase, plus more perks than similar rental outlets!

Wide Variety of Quality Instruments Offered with Easy Upgrades

Golden Music rents both band and orchestra instruments at many different price points. Students can apply past rental credit to instruments of a different size as the grow. They can upgrade to a higher quality instrument as their commitment and technique grows. From low to pro, we strive to offer the best quality instruments for your budget. We take time to find the best instruments and are passionate about providing quality rentals to music students.Plus, 100% of your rent-to-own payments go towards the eventually purchase of your instrument.

Students Can Easily Trade to a New Instrument

Your student's first instrument choice may not be their ultimate passion. Our rental packages allow easy transfer of rent-to-own credits to any other band or orchestra instrument - no reason needed! Since Golden Music rents both band and orchestra instruments, students are not locked into one family of instruments when they rent with us.  

Convenience and Assistance from Experienced Professionals

Rentals can be done online, over the phone, or in person at Golden Music Store. We will assist you in the selecting the right instrument for your needs every step of the way! As a trusted resource with schools across the state, Golden Music has a proven track record of quality and concern for your student's musical success.

Rental Package Perks - Free Delivery, Free Lesson!

Our rental packages include the following perks:

  • Free delivery of your instrument to home or school, plus free delivery for any repair service, loaner instrument, etc
  • Free Lesson with one of our highly-qualified teachers at West Colfax Music Academy
  • Repair service
  • 100% of rent-to-own payments goes towards purchase of instrument
  • Easy upgrades and transferable rental credits (some restrictions may apply)

Rentals Are Easy to Stop at Any Time

The greatest fear of many parents is that their child will give up on an instrument soon after picking it up. Rentals allow your child to experience an instrument without a large upfront cost for big commitment. Should you decide to discontinue your rental, closing the rental contract is quick and easy.

Golden Music's rent-to-own (or just rent) program offers high-quality instrument for about just $30 a month for most instruments. Click here to see our great selection of rentals!


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