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Schedule of Events

December 16, 2017

11:00 AM Mediterranean Drum Jam

12:00 PM Global Groove Duet

1:00 PM Guzheng and Hindustani Dance/Music Exploration

2:00 PM Fiddle Demo by Colorado Fiddle Championship Players Chad Matthews and Jesse Quintana

3:00 PM Latin American Music by Adolfo Romero 

Mediterranean Drum Jam:  Explore rhythms from the ancient traditions of Persia, the Arab world, and Turkey.  We'll learn how the four and five part rhythms fit together, add some bass lines, and then Meg will add melody in a cumulative, inclusive, introduction to music from the Mediterranean.   Meg York is a very dynamic performer and teacher, has traveled and studied with master musicians for over two decades.  You can learn more at her website www.megyork.com

Global Groove Duet: is Meg York, woodwinds and percussion and Peter Jacobs, oud.  Meg plays Turkish style clarinet, Macedonian kaval (Shepard's flute) Arabic darabuka (goblet shaped drum)and riqq (classical Arabic tambourine), and Persian Daf (frame drum with rings).   She has a Western Classical Performance degree in Clarinet and Flamenco Guitar from University of New Mexico and has played with master world musicians for over 20 years.   Pete is an old hand at Jazz Bass, and leads music at the Columbine Unity Conference Center.  He also plays the 12 string fret-less lute of the Mediterranean world called the oud.  We'll explore many of the different sounds of these ancient traditions included how the melodies and rhythms connect, some simple dance steps to embody the melodies, and even invite folks to play simple percussion patterns with us.  Come and learn about the mesmerizing beauty of this ancient music and perhaps purchase a percussion instrument for yourself!  More info at www.megyork.com

Guzheng and Hindustani Dance/Music Exploration: Rebecca Moritzky walks us through an exploration of the Guzheng, a Chinese stringed instrument, and Hindustani dance and music (Kathak) from India. The Guzheng is also known as the Chinese zither, and has a rich history of over 2000 years. Kathak is one of eight classical dances from India. This part of the session focuses on movement, melody, and rhythm.

Fiddle Demo: Chad Matthews and Jesse Quintana play a fiddle guitar duo in preparation for the Colorado Fiddle Championship in January 2018.

Adolfo Romero: Latin American guitarist playing some classic covers as well as original songs.



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