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Musical Rentals


Need an instrument for your child?  Here are four reasons why renting is better than buying:

• Convenience

Renting an instrument is extremely quick and simple, online, over the phone, or in person. There's no time in research involved, we are a trusted source with your school because of our quality and concern for your family's success in music. You have the option to just rent or rent-to-own, all built into one. If you choose rent to own, 100% of the rental cost applies to purchasing the instrument, ALWAYS.

• An instrument you can rely on

If you buy an instrument and it breaks, you have at least two weeks in a shop, and you have to drive to the store and back. That is 1/5 of your stundet's class semester! With our program, we deliver you a loaner to your home or schools so you never miss a day with class. 

• Easy Exit Strategy

The greatest fear of many parents is that their child will give up on an instrument soon after picking it up. If you're renting and this happens, you can just close the rental contract. Similarly, with stringed instruments in particular, if your child starts with a smaller sized instrument like a 3/4th-sized violin, renting lets you easily exchange for a larger size in subsequent years.

• Easy Trade to Another Instrument

Your student's passion might not lie in their first choice - easily move your rent-to-own credit to any other band or orchestra instrument at any time.

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Why Rent From Golden Music?

Our rent-to-own program’s uniqueness is that we care about your journey into music. We know that your child starts a program like music, the expenses are a deep concern, along with loss and breakage. We've developed our program so that you get transparent, fair pricing and the ability to sleep at night knowing your investment is personally handled by our staff should something happen. The instrument is tagged so that it can be returned to you, the school, or us saving you from the cost of loss.

If the instrument damaged, don't worry, because our maintenance covers every repair except vandalism. Dog ate the clarinet? Violin bow used to cut the butter? Ran over the french horn? No problem. Our maintenance covers it all due to normal use, including accidents.

In the exceptionally rare case of a true theft or destroyed instrument, we work with you to determine a fair assessment for all.

How do I know I have the right size instrument for my student?

Find Your Size Violin and Viola
Find Your Size Cello
Find Your Size Bass


 wanted to take a moment to commend you for your rent-to-own program for youth orchestra members.  My daughter started the viola in 4th grade at Green Gables Elementary and while we knew she liked music, we had no idea of how long it would hold her interest.  Fortunately for us, she has developed a deep love of that instruments and several others.  The program you run has been spectacular.  We started with a starter-viola that was very small due to her size.  Paying a very manageable monthly payment saved us the pain of a large initial cost for a viola she would eventually outgrow in both size and ability.  We upgraded to an apprentice instrument at the beginning of middle school and the impact of the principal paid on the first instrument made the payment on a much nicer instrument increase only $20.  We also included the service plan which is even more important now that she plays a better instrument a lot more hours a week.  You staff provides great service and, again, the value is there.  In high school, we will probably purchase a master instrument; we look forward to working with you at that point.  John M  July 15, 2019


I think that Golden Music is a wonderful place to rent an instrument. They were very kind and took their time to measure my child for the violin that fit him perfectly. Their rent to own program is fantastic and the violin we have is a beautiful instrument and in top shape! Every time I have called the shop to ask a question or make a payment, their customer service is fabulous. It is a pleasure to do business with not only a local business, but a business that really takes pride in their place in this community. Well done Golden Music, well done!

Sandi 8/6/19

I have rented three different instruments from Golden Music over the past 4 years, and it has been easy and convenient. I was a music teacher for years, and I feel all children should be given the opportunity to experience music. My own children have played instruments rented from Golden Music.

FV & DV 8/4/19

I started playing violin in fourth grade and have been playing every year since. I will continue to play in high school and college, and I got my first violin from Golden Music because my teacher Ms. Mogan highly reccomended it. My little sister started playing the violin in second grade and loves it. Music relieves my stress and I have many friends that I made through music.

Lexie, former Hackberry Hill Elementary 4th grader 6/5/19

My daughter, a beginning band student, missed the chance to try different instruments at school.  Golden Music was by far the closest music store, and the only one that still had French horns in stock (which she suspected she would like best), so we trekked over one evening (THANK YOU for staying open past 5pm on weeknights -- a real plus for working parents!). The staff patiently let her sample several different brass and woodwind instruments, and we even shot short videos so she could watch herself playing each one. In the end, she picked the French horn... and has been loving it ever since!

Leslie 5/3/19

I love music and I thoroughly enjoy the Golden music has made it possible for my child to have an instrument and to learn to play for the first time.

Tanya 5/3/19

Want to let you know we were so impressed with the gracious quality of service we received from your staff, we had to let you know!  We will be back and really felt you should know your staff are represented exceptionally well!  JK 4/4/19


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