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  Golden Music Rental Program FAQs

Questions about our rental program? We have answers. Read below for details about our rental program. Still have questions? Call us at 303-279-1111, email us at westcolfaxmusic.com or visit our store at 10395 W Colfax Ave.

What Makes Golden Music’s Rental Program Unique?

Golden Music is trusted by music educators, schools, and musicians across the state for our efficient and affordable rental program. We offer high quality instruments, free delivery to your home or school (within an hour radius of our location), in-house repairs, a loaner program, and more . Plus, 100% of your first two years of rental payment goes towards the purchase of your instruments.

Where Can I Get Instruments Delivered to?  Is Delivery Free?

Golden Music offers free delivery to homes or schools within an hour radius of our Lakewood location. Please inquire at 303-279-1111 for deliveries outside this range.

Why are Golden Music’s Instruments Better?

We hand-pick our student model violins, violas, cellos and basses from small family workshops around the world. Highly trained luthiers provide custom set-up at our Lakewood workshop. For band instruments, we carry Yamaha Advantage, Buffet Crampon and American made band instruments for flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone and percussion. We take pride in selecting the best quality instruments available from dedicated craftsman.

  How Much of My Monthly Rental Goes Toward Eventual Purchase?

100% of rental payments always goes to purchase (for the first two years). You can return instruments or cancel contracts at any time.

What Are the Advantages of the Rent-to-Own program?

Rent-to-own allows students the option to purchase the instrument later, size up to a larger instrument, or trade instruments between both band and orchestra. Our maintenance plan means renters never have to worry about additional costs. Broken strings are replaced for free for up to two months and regular maintenance work (such as bow re-hairing) is done without charge. Rental payments are the most cost-efficient way for a student to try out a new instrument. If one decides to purchase an instrument later on, rental fees can be applied towards ownership.

What Does the Maintenance Plan Cover?

Golden Music’s maintenance plan covers nearly any repair needed on the instrument including accidents spills, breaks, mishaps. Purposeful damage/vandalism or cosmetic repairs on demand will not be covered. Additional maintenance is available for the following:
  • Strings for violin, viola, cello and bass are covered at no extra charge for first two months.
  • Bows on student instruments can be re-haired or replaced.
  • Cases and bags are covered for accidental damage.
What is not covered: Reeds, rosin, cork grease, slide grease etc. These accessories come with your instrument but are not covered, as they need to be repurchased on a recurring basis. 

Is the Maintenance Plan Mandatory for Rentals?

Yes. As a rental, your instrument remains the property of Golden Music Center until the final payment is made. We wish to ensure the quality and health of our instruments so that future renters may enjoy playing it in the future! Plus, we want your student to have a perfectly operating instrument at all times.

How Do I Return My Instruments?

Simply bring the instrument back to the store when your contract ends. If you want the free pickup service, please inform us at the time you end your rental agreement so we can arrange a convenient pick up time. As soon as we hear from you, the account is frozen and there are no further charges. Within five days after your due date, your payment (if made) will be refunded. If there is any unpaid amount, you will owe any outstanding balance.

How Does the Rental Credit Accumulate?

Renters earn credits towards the eventual purchase of the instrument if decided. 100% of the rental payments made for the first two years goes towards the eventual purchase. If the instrument is returned, the credit accumulated is dissolved.Credit may not be traded to any other contract or person except for the named student when they trade to another instruments.
If you decided to switch to an instrument with a lower price, only the proportion difference is transferred equal to the lower instrument’s payment amount times the number of payments made.  If changing to an equal or more expensive instrument, all equity (less tax and maintenance) is applied.

How Do Loaners Work?

Loaners are available when repair or maintenance is necessary. Loaners are not guaranteed. Depending on demand, we may be out of an instrument category. If a loaner is unavailable, we will process the repair as fast as possible.

What Happens If My Instrument is Lost or Stolen?

If your instrument is lost or stolen, we cover up to $250 of the amount owed to us for insurance deductible. The customer is responsible for the rest of the balance. A police report is required for stolen items.

How Do I Purchase My Rental Instrument?

Equity is calculated from the rental fee excluding tax and maintenance plan. Equity can only be used by the initial renter - it may not be switched to anyone else. You may purchase your instrument for 30% off the remaining balance at any time throughout the contract.


What Instruments Does Golden Music Have for Rental?

Golden Music carries both band AND orchestra instruments. We typically carry the following instruments:
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto Sax
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Baritone
  • French Horn
  • Oboe
  • Percussion/bell kit
  • Snare Drum
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • String bass
Please note, Guitars, drums sets, keyboards or any other items sold in our store are not available for rent or to trade credit to.

Can I Use My Credit to Buy Anything Else?  

Rental credit can be applied to instrument transfers/upgrades between band and orchestra instruments. Rental credit is not transferable to any other store products or transferable to any other person. TRADING AND CREDIT OPTIONS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THE ORIGINAL STUDENT WHO RENTED. YOU MAY NOT TRANSFER CREDIT TO ANY OTHER PERSON NOR TO ANY PRODUCT OUTSIDE OUR RENT-TO-OWN CATEGORY.  
Still have questions? Call us at 303-279-1111 or email us at info@goldenmusic.co

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