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Which Instrument should I rent? 

We have a complete page on this here  HOW TO DECIDE

How Much Does It Cost?

There is the first payment, then monthly payments in the rent amount.  The payments range from $17.95 plus maintenance and tax ($24.61) up to $84.82 for a string bass.  You never have to purchase it, but if you do, just keep paying monthly  

What if They Break It?

A simple call to our store and we'll come bring a loaner and fix your's and bring it back, or bring it to the store and we'll give you a loaner.  All repairs due to normal use and accidents are covered.  There has been only 6 repairs we haven't covered in 23 years!   We cover spills on it, breaks, mishaps...not covered are extreme neglect or purposeful damage, nor cosmetic repairs on demand.   STRINGS:  for violin, viola, cello and bass are covered no charge for first two months.  BOWS:  Rehairs on student instruments are covered (we usually just replace the bow).  EXPENDABLES:  Reeds, rosin, cork grease, slide grease are things that come with the instrument but are not replaced if used up, lost or broken.  Cases and bags are covered.

What if they Quit?

Simply return the instrument and the agreement ends.  Any unpaid rent is due of course.  You can phone us and we'll pick it up also.

I'm Worried About the Noise At Home?

Very soon it will start sounding like music!  At first, yes there's a few screechs and squawks.  The best plan is to stay on a schedule of a certain time of day when the student will practice and set-up a practice space that is quiet for them, perhaps away from the family activity at that time of day.

How Does the Rent-to-Own Program Work?

Every month your rental payment goes toward purchase (not the maintenance plan).  These payment accumulate toward the purchase.   You can return it any time you want.   

Why is the Maintenance Plan Mandatory?

The Maintenance Plan is mandatory because:  1. The instrument remains the property of Golden Music Center until the final payment is made, and we have a very strong interest to be sure that it is playing perfectly; that we are repairing it; and all that needs to be done for it gets done properly.   2. This instrument represents our store in all the settings it is used in and we want it working perfectly!   3. We want your student to have every advantage of having a perfectly operating instrument at all times.

 When is My Class?

Golden Music does not have this information although we do work closely with your teacher.  Please check with the teacher or their web page for this information.


What happens if my instrument is lost of stolen?

THEFT OR LOSS:  If there is a lost or stolen instrument, we cover up to $250 of the amount owed to us for insurance deductible.  The customer is responsible for the rest of the balance.  A police report is required.



Thank you! And we are looking forward to serving you for your musical needs!



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