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Teacher Feature - Dan Nusz - Percussion Play Group Starts Meeting Twice a Week!!

Teacher Feature - Dan Nusz - Percussion Play Group Starts Meeting Twice a Week!!
Get a free drum session on Tuesday or Thursday!
We have a Percussion Group meeting on Tuesdays from 5:15-6:00 and Thursdays 5:00-5:45.
This is a fun and friendly time to work with our wonderful teacher, Dan Nusz and other students.  We will meet you where your student is and help them along their Musical Journey.  We have created this class to help beginning students as a support for their school program.
This class today is absolutely FREE for you to try out with no obligation.  After this session, we offer a BUY THREE GET ONE FREE special which is only $10.50 per session (normal price is $14 a session).
You can register online for either class:
Tuesdays 5:15-6:00 click TO SIGN UP FOR TUE WITH DAN
Thursdays 5:00-5:45 click TO SIGN UP FOR THUR WITH DAN

Meet Our Instructor Dan Nusz  


Dan Nusz has been playing drums for over twenty years, playing in Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk, Country, Heavy Metal, and Jam bands all over the country. He has over 10 years’ experience teaching a wide variety of drum styles and enjoys teaching students from all experience levels and ages.

Dan works with each student to provide a fun, personalized, and scalable lesson plan that ensures every lesson is tailored to the student’s ability and musical tastes.  He strives to build each student's technique, creativity, song and style repertoire, and ability to improvise,  Additionally, to give students a better feel for incorporating drums into all aspects of music, or to help students prepare for playing in a band, Dan will often accompany students on guitar or bass.  

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