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Musical Missions of Peace

Golden Music gives five clarinets to Meg York to take to Turkey. Musical Mission of Peace champions a non-violent way to peace worldwide through the power of music.   They believe: 1) People who have learned and sung each others' popular love songs together are less likely to war with one...

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Our Luthiers are Getting Ready to Move into the Lakewood Facility

We will all welcome the luthiers from the Golden location that are preparing their work space now at the Lakewood facility.  We are putting the flooring now and beautiful new benches are on their way.  We can't wait to have the wonderful smells of the oil finishes and fresh wood...

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June Master Sale - Featured Violin - Francois Breton

Francois Breton - France - 1778-1830 Francois Breton was a violin maker who did most of his work between 1778-1830 in Mirecourt, France.  He was the personal luthier to the Duchesse d’Angouleme.  He was a very prolific make and was imitated by many others.  His style was quite refined, generally...

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Where Golden Music's New Logo Comes From... the "Golden Ratio"

In search of the golden ratio...in Music... in architecture In the quest for beauty, one of the most immutable traditions – and controversial fascinations – in Western architecture (and furniture and art and music and mathematics) is the golden section, a proportioning system first described by ancient Greek mathematicians such...

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