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  • Opening Sunday, May 10th 10-6 and thru the week
  • Mary Brainerd
Opening Sunday, May 10th 10-6 and thru the week

Starting Sunday May 10th, we will be open by appointment, curbside delivery and limited shopping for walk-in (two customers at a time, Parent and child count as one).   For people that make appointments, we will allow you to bring ONE family member with you but for the walk-in, only a single person w/child is allowed.   Please call or email to make an appointment. 

MASKS are required for coming in the store for all customers.  For walk-in, we will have a doorbell at the door for you to ring and we will let you in.  Appointments have priority over walk-in.  Please call or email for an appointment.  

The store's open hours will be Sunday 10-6, Monday 10-6, Tuesday 10-6, Wednesday 10-6, Thursday 10-6, Friday CLOSED, & Saturday 10-6

Our Music School, West Colfax Academy, will be doing only online lessons through May.

We also have our normal free delivery of rent-to-own instruments (repair, loaners and returns) and any purchase over $100!   WE WILL DELIVER AN INSTRUMENT TO YOU IN YOUR HOME*!!! 

  • Mary Brainerd

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