Explore the Journey

Music is empowering for kids, and as they progress on their journey, it will support them to develop their musical creativity in earnest. Our sessions will show kids that music is something they’re invited to make their own. The music and the brain, music and health benefits have been brought forward many times (check out our blog!).   Today, we're talking about how music will allow them to creatively express themselves in ways that writing, drawing, or play can’t match. Being able to frequently enjoy creative expression is crucial for their well-being, especially when it comes to coping with disappointment, uncertainty, and loss. The musical and creative skills taught in music lessons can help kids emotionally thrive for the rest of their lives. 

Learning the Structure of Music

As a student progresses in learning the music fundamentals, which we teach throughout the instruction of the instrument, students will start to understand the way a song or piece is put together and the harmony and theory underlying it.  This supports creating their own music and easily learning the popular songs most students like. 

Enjoy safe and sustainable fun

From soccer to ballet, we’re seeing our kids’ social and creative outlets become severely limited. Luckily, safe music instruction is still happening during a time when kids need creative engagement more than ever. 

While we hope we can have our lives back to a more open environment, we know that during this time, online musical education can be a safe and reliable part of the structure for health of our children. 


We are on a mission to share the magic of music with students of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds. Our background-checked music teachers are here to help whether you’re looking for great lessons for your child or for yourself. We’re proud to help musicians thrive during this challenging time by providing remote instruction.