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Come to Golden Music and You Are Home

Come to Golden Music and You Are Home

What is Home?  What Makes A Place Feel Like Home?

Here's some thoughts about WHAT IS HOME...

...a feeling of home comes from being comfortable, at peace& a feeling of belonging.

In essence home is where your heart is.

Its not a word, its a feeling.

Sometimes the soothing affection of any person can make you feel like home. 

So, in my view home is a soothing, calming, relaxing feeling...

Here's a Song List of Home themed tunes:


Per David Francis of The Performing Rights Society states, music ‘stimulates fetuses and infants in such a way as to promote their well-being’. “This is because modern music is thought to have originated from early interactions between mother and child known as ‘motherese’. Motherese is observed when adults with child caring responsibilities communicate intention and meaning to their babies using vocal-gestural communication.”   Playing musical instruments, singing or listening to music therefore invokes strong feelings of well being in the individual, even if only at a subconscious level, because it reminds us of our infancy and our connection to others. This is why even as adults, music is vitally important to our continuing personal and social development.”

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