Golden Lyceum

Montessori and Music

Music- the universal language- adds an emotional wholeness to life like nothing else and in the process provides many academic benefits for developing minds. Early exposure has many more proven benefits, plus its fun and enjoyable.

Montessori-A proven educational model achieving high academic standards and creativity through child directed interests and real world exploration. Perfect for exceptional children who don't fit the standard mold. 

Take your pick or try it all.  Our Montessori teachers wil have music in the classrooms.   Our music teachers will teach with Montessori principles.  In both cases your child will reap the rewards.   Now offering...

Mentorships and Music Modules

Monday through Friday afternoons, from 1-6 pm, classes taught by parents and Golden Music's staff.  Tuition discounts for parents and low costs for the public.  Daytime smorgasbord of classes for all ages.  Music modules include Rock Band with instruction on all Rock instruments, Band and Orchestra, Theory, Composition and Tech Lab, Song Writing, Ukulele.  Take one or all, these modules are open to the Montessori students and the public.   More Info

Daytime Band and Orchestra

Professional led group instruction on how to play band and orchestra instruments from no experience to advanced, several classes offered from 1-4 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Low semester costs and sibling discounts available, as well as instrument rental and private or semi private supplementary lessons.  More Info

Lyceum Montessori

We provide a, long-term integrated approach to education serving students aged 6 to 18 years based on Aristotelian and Montessorian principles of building hierarchical knowledge through hierarchical learning and self-selected activities.  More Info

Saturday Montessori Study and Loan Program

For homeschool parents and families or any interested person.  Come Saturday to borrow materials and learn how to use Montessori curriculum.  Sponsored by Lyceum Montessori at Golden Music in Lakewood.  More Info