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The Kirschnek Violin Line at Golden Music

    The Kirschnek Violins - This company was established in 1880 in Erlangen/Bubenreuth, West Germany.  It is still run by the family.  The owners of Golden Music have had many lovely visits with this family, including a tea party in their heavily treed back yard of their house which...

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Kosener in Muenster
Munster is a bicycling haven! There are hundreds of people out riding everywhere! This was a stroke of luck, because we pulled our bikes out of the RV and Siobhan’s Chariot and set-off to town.
Alberti in Gelsenkirchen
His were in perfect condition, mostly ready for a player, as he has several luthiers from Poland that does the restorations and set-up for him. Alberti is from Poland and, while he didn’t say where he got his violins from, it sort of seemed he got them from there, as he spoke of many friends and contacts in Poland.